Empowering healing

through timeless,

creative wisdom.

Original Ayurveda
+ Practical Shamanism

Vedic Earth Medicine

Vedic Earth Medicine exists to empower women wishing to connect to the timeless wisdom that inspires creative self-healing. Whether that wisdom takes form in honoring the seasonal cycles, partnering with plant medicine or practicing therapeutic movement, it is embodied living that allows one to anchor into the deep roots of healing already present in daily life. When we become accountable to our personal, ordinary magic we find we find ourselves connected, vital and healthy.


A Certification in Rewilding
With the Divine Feminine + Medicine Wheel

Earth Weavers Medicine School

Our bodies are timeless, spaceless and wise. They are tuned perfectly to rhythms of day and night, season and cosmic arc. They are designed to function in health and will be quick to let us know when the load of stress, discord or toxicity become too great. Subtle Energy Medicine works to restore the vital energy flow within and surrounding the body, supporting total health. 

Breakdown the barriers that keep you from living fully and bravely. Reclaim your full feminine range so you never lose contact with your original self.

EWMS is a four-part certification + Initiation program for the student who wants to build her toolkit of personal healing and who desires to up-level her impact, vitality and connectivity through non-western healing traditions.

13 Moons Of:

Practical, Transformational Ritual + Healing Community

These rituals are designed to strengthen and enhance your intuition, cultivate true power and put you back into connection with the vibrancy of life. They are simple and profound.


Private Healing Sessions

Healing the Healers

Earth Medicine Healing is a profound experience of receiving and reconnecting over three months. In these sessions, the practices of shamanic tradition are called on to mediate between our daily experience and depths of the soul. 

We reset the nervous system, reanimate the healing forces within and dissolve patterns of trauma. Just as you allow yourself to come into a receptive mode while receiving a therapy such as bodywork or massage, in these sessions we create Sacred Space that you may receive subtle healing from the Elemental Forces of Nature itself.

Honoring the Inner Journey

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