Live Life From The Courage Of Your Heart

Free Course
7 Days of Earth Medicine
to Overcome Overwhelm

You will be given, (and taught how to implement!)
a wide number of tools to live free from overwhelm
and anxiety so you can fully experience a joy-filled life.

This course will change the way you relate to overwhelm forever. You will gather strength you didn’t know was available, find heart and softness in long-hardened places and will learn that the distractions you have resented can become a beacon of  healing energy available for your loving harvest

You will benefit from this course if you:

  • Feel as if you’re constantly in survival mode, trying to get to the end of the day.
  • Can’t remember the last time you had a good night sleep
  • Find time with your family more stressful than soulful
  • Feel a lack of genuine connection with your true self
  • Love your work but frequently feel exhausted and burned out

There are a myriad of ancient practices  which we have all heard half stories and  truths about, yet never think to actually  put into practice, or simply don’t know  how.

These practices and ways are accessible and relevant for modern living yet they are the complete opposite of what we’ve  been told will work for us to create peace and connection. They are like an open  secret that’s been available to you all along.

This course will give you the tools and  teachings to finally create the connectivity,
joy and accountability you’ve been  yearning for.

What You’ll Learn

    • Discover Earth Medicine Practices that open the heart of your daily life.
  • Implement concrete practices to shift your awareness, giving you access to creativity, possibility and workability in even the most challenging moments
  • learn how to use the tools of true empowerment, creating ‘power with’ instead oF ‘control over’
  • Understand the best ways to cultivate genuine self-love and self-trust
  • Action your values into your daily living, so you never feel ‘imposter syndrome’ or inauthenticity

We will cover

Sacred Boundaries Practices
These tools are a must for anyone who identifies as an empath or who routinely experiences overwhelm in specific situations. These practices will shift your walk in your world from one of uncertainty and defense to fearless, loving engagement

Shamanic Integration Tools
These simple, accessible tools will hep you to finally stop feeling like the important areas of your life are in competition with each other. You will learn practices that bridge and weave your mothering, work, relationships, self-care and spirituality leaving you feeling at ease and availablefor life.

Working with Spiritual Allies
The foundation of Earth Medicine is the understanding that everything that exists is filled with living energy. We make friendships with the Earth, with animal and plant spirit allies as well as our ancestors. In doing so, we can become surprisingly free knowing that we don’t have to ‘do it all ourselves’ but that there are truly bigger forces in the Universe who are ready to help if only we ask.

About Juliet

When the great moments of life knock on  the door of your heart, you want to be able  to answer.

You want to say ‘yes’ to deeper depths of  soul and loftier heights of joy. And on that  path or roots and wings, overwhelm and  anxiety often hold the threshold between  you and the new Way of Being that’s calling.

I practice and teach ritual for healers of all stripes. The way I work with ritual is  integrated, not prescriptive. We focus less on things that take time out of your full days and focus more on developing tools that put you in deep conversation and magic with the Spirit and Earth allies that are always there for you, in any moment.

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