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Vedic Earth Medicine is the alchemy of Original Ayurveda and Practical Shamanism. It is a body of beautiful and simple practices that can be undertaken as a stand-alone healing journey or in concert with other healing modalities.

Alchemy is a seemingly magical transformation, creation or combination. We can remember that magic has nothing to do with performing sly tricks to delight our eyes and confound our senses. Magic is simply the application of our understanding of the workings of the Universe. It is the difference between how everyone thinks things work and what is really going on. 


Juliet Trnka

Juliet Trnka has been teaching radical self-love as a path of healing since 2004, in honor of our collective need for a way of living that is vital, connected and accountable. Her work draws on earth-based practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Clinical Bodywork and Shamanic Medicine and Jungian Psychology.

Since childhood, Juliet has lived in connection with the unseen world. She benefited from years spent playing with her sisters in trees and fields, creating worlds of unencumbered imagination. At age ten, she spontaneously began to practice meditation and Journey without even knowing what those things were.


Our Apothecary is a treasure-trove of natural medicine and allies for healing.

We cultivate an inventory that emphasizes medicinal teas and ritual practice. We regularly offer gatherings to explore how the leaves, flowers, roots and seeds of our great Mother Earth can nurture our bodies and restore our spirits.



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