Juliet Trnka

Healer and creator, alchemizing the light and dark within herself into expansive journeys through inner layers. She works with the powerful healing mechanisms of the body-mind intuiting higher truths, deeper stories, in the service of revelation and consecration.

Her private work and teaching are guided by the myriad beautiful, complex reflections and refractions of the vital life force. Her practice is a prayer dance, the embodied expression of a more profound education. It is her deep dedication to Mother Earth and Father Sky, and symbolic of the Inner Power, the ability to eclipse self-limiting beliefs using the strength found within.

Since childhood, Juliet has lived in intimacy with the unseen world. She benefited from a girlhood picking choke cherries and crawling in the long grasses with her sisters, creating worlds of unencumbered imagination. At age ten, she spontaneously began to practice meditation and Journey without even knowing what those things were.

Stepping into adulthood, she remained an avid student of all things alive, vital, pulsing. She pursued study in environmental science, Eastern and Western herbalism, permaculture and nourishment. These studies were cocooned in her experiences of the Wild, wandering in the mountains, gathering forest medicine, and listening to the ocean. Her spiritual training began at 18 when she met her first mentor, with whom she would study Yoga, Ayurveda, Tibetan Buddhism and Jungian Psychology for 12 years.

In the space of one life, a reincarnation was invoked and a life-changing initiation into Shamanic medicine ensued. It was time for her to stop living someone else’s life. And as that false life dissolved, miracle in one hand, grief in another, she made the steady and slow walk over years to reclaim the sacred within.

Each step on her path has prepared her for the next. Darkness Medicine has proved to be as important as light. Trauma, lineage wounds and health challenges have taught her as much as the many traditional healers with whom she has had the fortune to study.

She finds infinite joy in holding space for the vital forces to flow once again, supporting men and women in awakening their Inner Medicine, walking as Queen to her wild King and mothering their dear children to be the visionaries, altar-builders and magicians that they are.


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