Vedic Earth Medicine


Inner Wisdom

Earth Medicine and Wise Woman Counsel can be seen as a spirit and health oriented mentorship. Far more than creating a strategy for you to live up to, the sessions offer and original ground of empowerment, compassion and primordial wholeness. 

When we face challenges such as relationship issues, lack of energy, persistent joint pain, anxiety or just a nagging sense that something is out of balance, we require a space where both our rational and non-rational self can be seen, accepted and listened to. We need compassionate accountability that holds us not only to our ego agenda but to the routines that honor the dynamic seasons of life.


Earth Medicine Healing

Earth Medicine Healing is a profound experience of receiving and reconnecting.

We reset the nervous system, reanimate the healing forces within the individual and dissolve patterns of trauma. Just as you allow yourself to come into a receptive mode while receiving a therapy such as bodywork or massage, in these sessions we create Sacred Space that you may receive subtle healing.

Embodiment Training

Embodiment Training Sessions have a physical focus, allowing us to work with body directly while also considering the whole person that you are.

Chronic pain is wholly different than acute pain. If we are to successfully remove pain, we need to offer therapy that re-informs and re-patterns the relationship between the brain, nervous system and soft tissue. It is not enough to simply apply deep pressure to areas of pain. Functionally, natural intelligence and integration must be restored. These sessions are designed to do just that.



Align the Rhythms


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