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Living from center. Intimacy with inner + outer nature.

Shamanic Coaching is a profound experience of giving + receiving, reconnection and personal alchemy. In these sessions, the practices of shamanic tradition are called on to mediate between our daily experience and depths of the soul. We reset the nervous system, reanimate the healing forces within and dissolve patterns of trauma. From there we source the dreams that have been lying dormant inside you, allowing each one to sprout and take root. We create Sacred Space that you may receive subtle healing and empowerment in relationship with the Elemental Forces of Nature itself.

Create the Life Your Heart Desires


This work/play is a refuge of intimacy, self-healing and nature mysticism for women and men who desire useful, easy, accessible ways to circumvent triggering and who want to reclaim the power of choice in how you interact with yourself and others. Here you will learn tools to create a life that works without unconscious anger, resentment, suppression and control. You will learn how to share your gifts as a healer from a place of feminine fullness rather than in a transactional attempt to find emotional security. You will develop living, dynamic connection with your Original Self, your loved ones, and the Earth, playing in the wild landscape of meaningful interactions.

When you become unmoored from your own sanctity and self-worth, you can become snared in cycles of emotional ups and downs. You feel overwhelmed by stress and depleted by just getting through the day. You fall asleep filled with worry that the ones you love don’t get the best of you.

If you are on a transformational path, you will never find satisfaction and fulfillment through conventional means, and your personal healing journey won’t fit into a neat box or category. Linear, conventional ways simply don’t work for you. This is not because you are deficient, broken or a failure.

The soul of the alchemist has her roots in the Deep Feminine, a power that will not be contained or organized. You came here to live and love by the Laws of the Wild, not by the laws of societal convention. You embody rhythms of healing intelligence that deliver you to your soul’s purpose when they are held consciously and will arrive as chaos and crisis when held in shadow.


The most precious gift you can give to yourself and those you love is to invest in your self-activation


You may be in need of self-healing if you:

  • Tend to bottle up feelings or lie to protect others from your truth
  • Don’t trust yourself and feel fractured from your intuition
  • Hunger for validation from others
  • Feel/felt as a child loved conditionally based on your behavior or had love withheld until you met the requirements
  • Work/spend more time caretaking than you feel is healthy for you
  • Suffer frequent fight or flight syndrome, anxiety/depression
  • Currently have or have had an eating disorder
  • Rage, sulk, punish, guilt, practice silent treatment, and/or shame yourself or others
  • Feel like a fraud of have low self-worth because you teach your clients/patients how to heal yet remain unhealed yourself
  • Sleep six hours per night or less
  • Have close relationships with loved ones suffering personality disorder, addiction and/or mental illness
  • Have a disempowered mother who wasn’t acknowledged or validated for her sacrifices or care of the family
  • Seek to carry other’s pain for them
  • Frequently worry about the well-being of your clients/patients/loved ones, and feel disappointed when they don’t follow your advice
  • Feel secretly jealous or resentful
  • Want to “take care of” others
  • Don’t want to make others “feel bad”
  • Yearn for approval, acknowledgement, appreciation, unconditional love
  • Are in relationships where love or loving words are withheld to prove a point or manipulate
  • Become tense and/or anxious when spending time with your family
  • Don’t trust your partner to take care of the house and/or kids
  • Have ever made choices against your well-being to avoid upsetting those close to you, triggering them or to avoid conflict
  • Criticize, nag, nit-pick, fault-find when under stress
  • Have or have had a digestive disorder
  • Do not feel appreciated, seen and/or heard in close relationships
  • Have unprocessed grief over miscarriage, abortion or not having children
  • Have not grieved your losses or feel you are not living up to your full potential
  • Sense an unofficial agreement that you are not to surpass others in virtue, glory or accomplishment
  • Feel disconnected from your body and sometimes feel like you hate it, which stirs up more shame
  • You “live to give” and feel discomfort in receiving
  • Love eating healthy foods, yet frequently reach for comfort and convenience foods
  • Feel in competition with others
  • Are energy-depleted or suffer from auto-immune disorder
  • Have fractured relationship to family or ancestors
  • Feel guilty when spending money or time on yourself
  • Do not have authentic friends or community
  • Identify as a Hermit or an Empath
  • Fear abandonment and/or rejection in your primary relationships, especially significant other
  • Seldom feel “good enough”
  • Tend to sabotage your efforts before they come to fruition
  • Consider yourself a “rescuer”, “fixer” or “manager” of the family
  • Consider yourself a “people pleaser”
  • Have family or ancestral trauma that has not healed/isn’t spoken of
  • Have lost your sense of being wild, sensual and free
  • Have a persistent sense of lack and unfulfillment despite investments in yoga, meditation and self-help, despite building a successful career and a family
  • Have no sexual desire


Sweet Healer, I’ve been where you are. And there’s something I want you to know: THERE is ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE and you have what it takes. there’s a WAY TO LEAD, living in purpose, beauty and true connection. THERE’S ANOTHER WAY TO SERVE without self-abandonment.

I believe in rites of passage as healing portals that reveal your true self as you move through the emotions of fear, shame, and worry. This landscape of initiation invites a new archetype of the Deep Feminine Healer to emerge. Through the application of Shamanic Energy Medicine and Spiritual Training in the Wise Woman Tradition, you can create the life your heart desires.

What You’ll Receive in Healing the Healers 

  • Reconnect to your undomesticated root wisdom, so powerful that it launches you past doubt, hesitation and self-abandonment
  • Reset your body and emotions from chronic up-regulation
  • Discover and break free from old stories, paradigms and beliefs that keep you small and limit your expressions of love
  • Heal the patterning passed down through generations of inadequate nurture with ritual, ceremony, journey, meditations & forming a deeper connection to Deep Feminine
  • Process triggering emotional wounds that interfere with your productivity and efficiency so you’re no longer shut down by upset, fear, shame, or anxiety.
  • Honor your body as your foundation so you can live your life with grace and ease instead of force and exhaustion.
  • Understand of your rhythmic nature as woman and learn to honor these cycles as the source of your power and magic.
  • Develop a trust in yourself and in your spiritual connection so strong that doubt no longer drives you.
  • Tend and heal your root spiritual illness so you can be more productive, effective and connected
  • Transform your relationship with your self-worth so you no longer over-deliver and over-work out of guilt, shame or terror.
  • Anchor in your body’s wisdom instead of the worrying thoughts of your mind.
  • Free yourself from chronic disempowerment
  • Activate + align your subtle energy system so that you can work with your energy and not against
  • Strengthen + Calibrate your intuition as your internal compass, keeping you close to your authenticity, worth and creativity so you’re never intimidated by someone else’s power or gift.
  • Remember the soul purpose you were born with so you’re no longer searching outside yourself for answers or affirmation.
  • Practice Self-Healing by aligning with the greater cycles of the seasons and the Earth
  • Rewild yourself so that you can be present and genuine, arriving in your sensual fullness in each moment

Currently taking applications for January 2019

What are three accomplishments or transformations you've made in your life that you feel genuinely proud of? What makes you feel proud about these actions?
Consider the main challenge or life area that is bringing you to explore Deep Shamanic Coaching. What is it? A life transition, your love relationship, your career, your body? What do the last ten years look like? What have been your accomplishments? What impact and change have you made? What kept you stuck?
More specifically, can you give me detail on the last year of your life? How has the challenge you're facing impacted the other areas of your life?
What is missing from your life right now? How do you keep yourself separate from it?
If you were to look back three years from now, saying, "Signing up for Shamanic Coaching with Juliet was the best thing I ever did, " what would you be referencing. What shifts in your circumstance, body and life at large would connect you to your joy and radiance?
What would you love to create or accomplish that seems completely impossible, but if you were able to do it, feel it would change everything?
If you were to look back three years from now and feel disappointed, why would that be? (examples: lack of boundaries, avoiding risks, unhealthy habits, giving up on dreams, fear of succeeding?


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