Winter 2019

Online + In-Person Rewilding

A Deep Shift From Chasing Goals to Living From Your Inner Compass

Winter Retreats + Classes 

The intersection of plant magic, energetic rehabilitation + primal embodiment

The Numinous Void from which you emerged poured resources, energy, desire and brilliance into you. The countless lives of your ancestors have mediated your passage into this life. The whole Cosmos believes in you and your purpose. It’s one thing to know you have a knack for a certain talent, or to daydream about how you’d really like to be living your life. It is another to devote to inhabiting that journey, to become an outlaw to everything that’s felt secure if suffocating.

My winter courses are an invitation to reach into that Void, to enact intelligent, resilient structures that honor, and derive strength from, the cyclical nature of being. We will work with the well-worn tools of Earth Medicine to bring dream into form and to fully live in purpose, to honor the forces that loved us enough to bring us here.

Medicine of the Winter Season


  • Inhabit sustainable, rhythmic personal energy, awareness of value and intimacy by taking a Shamanic Systems approach rather than ‘trying harder to do better’ or ‘figuring it out’

  • Redirect power out of trauma bonds that keep you playing the roles of victim, perpetrator or rescuer to instead experience connection, empathy and deeper skills of intuition

  • Explore + Rework your personal mythology around abundance as it applies to finances, love and energy so that you operate from a place of feeling completely supported rather than being filled with scarcity and doubt

  • Learn ancient technologies to support your own healing and growth as well as the health of your family and those you work with

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