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One thing I’ve learned is that there are no limits to a woman’s heart. Each of us has a personal, vibratory field that holds our energy and stories, much like the DNA within our cells. Though this vibratory field is most dense closest to our physical bodies, it expands as far as space goes. Your field of energy holds the moon, the stars, the cosmic wind.

Being able to connect virtually allows our circles of prayer, healing and growth to expand beyond our normal physical limits. And instead of creating an idealized social-media-self, we can connect in a genuine way that allows our truest voice to be the one that speaks.

Make sure you download your >free copy< of my Permission + Love Spell.

Initiate yourself into lunar healing rituals with my self-study PDF course or join a live course. Let’s keep the sacred fires of life burning bright.

13 Moons of Practical, Transformational Ritual + Healing Community

What You Receive

One new, Earth-based Ritual each full moon, with instructions, inspiration and Soul Story pages – notes from my own experience as well as journal prompts to deepen your work with the medicine

Sacred extras: delicious recipes, book recommendations, music playlists, etc

Exclusive Community: You’ll receive invitations to occasional private ceremonies, online gatherings and other community events

Access to the full library: Over time our library will grow, and you’ll have the chance to search for rituals that calibrate to your circumstance, the season you’re greeting or a specific ally you’d like to work with



These rituals are designed to strengthen and enhance your intuition, cultivate true power and put you back into connection with the vibrancy of life. They are simple and profound.

Turning our gaze inward, we can see that every important moment in our lives involved making a clear and decisive choice. And if we soften our gaze further, we can see that the meaningful thresholds of our lives were not only the monumental moments of decision, but rather the swell of momentum generated by the thousands of small choices we made along the way.

Ritual is a way of enacting creative choice and realizing the dream of our life – to know and live the truth of who we are, to love mightily, to walk fearlessly and to be a source of inspiration to others in how to live from the heart.

The way I practice ritual is much less about having a specific color of candle or progressing through prescribed actions. It is much more about evoking and amplifying the inner voice of soul and giving it passage to converse with the great forces of Earth and Spirit, to return us to our Original Self.


Investment for the Year: 249 USD (this is less than 20$ per Moon!)


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