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Earth Medicine

Welcome my friend. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

Are you finding yourself in a moment that feels profound in a way you can’t quite describe? Perhaps you feel you’ve tried everything, but none of the fixing, organizing or strategizing is getting you where you’d like to go.

Yet there is the sacred beckoning – take the next step, even if it feels like you’re moving in the dark.

Do you have a sense that you have what it takes to get through this, but just don’t quite know how? Do you have an inkling that there is a hidden power inside you, trying to make its way to the surface? Are you curious what might happen if you learn to love the things most that you’ve been programmed to love the least?

I am honored to meet you here and to share about Earth Medicine, because for me it’s given me access to soul places where I felt perhaps I didn’t have permission. It has given me resource in times of uncertainty and has been a steady light as I weave through the dark territories of life. It has also helped me to uncover more greatness and beauty in the hallow chaos of human existence than I would have thought possible.

I come here with respect and honoring of you, and where you find yourself in this moment. I’ve been where you are, and I have every faith that you will find what you need to navigate this terrain with a completely authentic tangle of ease, grit, grace and expansiveness.

In Earth Medicine, we honor not only the personal journey, but our sacred tools and medicine allies. This is not a path of isolation but one whose depth relies on a web of abundant support and interdependence. My voice is one of my sacred tools. Speaking directly from my heart to yours is an honored place for us to start.

When we do not receive transformational ceremony and rites of passage, we do not have access to the natural energy that could support our path as adult women, as adult men, as married couples, as families and as communities. Each rite creates the space to move forward in a genuine way, with certainty and with the whole Universe with us. It is never too late to receive Rites of Initiation or to hold sacred ceremony.


I have always had a passionate curiosity about the inner working of the human soul as well as the Earth. I have sunk my fingers into the soil of both, seeking to intuit what creates depletion and what fosters healing. From the time of my childhood, I have had a deep and abiding sense that at their core, people are essentially good and beautiful and that the medicine that grows on Mother Earth’s body awakens the medicine that lives in each of us. I had the blessing of growing up with access to the dirt, the snow, the crevices and the trees. Along with my sisters, I built wild queendoms in the imaginal realms. Nature, sisterhood and deep vision created a strong foundation that manifests in my work today.

When I turned eighteen and was let loose into the world, I was able to indulge my curiosity about what frees us up to experience our true nature of Love. I read every book about natural healing I could get my hands on, studied herbalism, permaculture, yoga and Ayurveda. I ran wild on the land. I went to Peru and hiked up Machu Pichu. It was there in that ancient, holy city that I felt the living vibration of the Earth stronger than ever before. I knew there was a magic unfolding between me and that mountain. I knew I would never be the same.

Darkness Medicine

By the time I was in my early thirties, I had traveled the world, had rooted myself in natural medicine practices and was running a yoga and thai bodywork studio. I was married and had two beautiful children. On the exterior everything I had been cultivating was coming to fruition. But the emotional and spiritual heart of my life had stopped beating. There were wounds untended and no conscious vehicle for them to be cleaned out and dressed. I was plunged into a healing crisis and everything that I thought I knew about my identity, my health and my life was thoroughly disassembled.

It was at this time that, by grace, Earth Medicine reanimated my core. Like so many people who connect with these practices, there was so much that I recognized and that validated experiences I had along my journey. It was like returning to my own innocence, strengthened by the initiation of trauma, bearing the rosy hue of wisdom. For the next five years, Earth Medicine blossomed in my personal healing, allowing me to become witch, priestess, alchemist, shaman.

Working down at the root level of spiritual illness is where we truly can have the most profound impact in restoring the joy that is our birthright. At this level our fundamental beliefs and karmas determine how our mind and body respond to and interpret life. I wanted to help my clients create a life they didn’t have to heal from. I had known such profound healing and change in my own life, it felt clear that I needed to share that with others.

Garden of the Heart Guided Meditation

Earth Medicine restores our health by reanimating our natural bond with the Earth and with our own Inner Power, through ritual, spirit allies and a wide range of wild and beautiful medicine. When we work with these ancient shamanic practices, we reanimate the life-affirming soul parts that may have been dormant or missing for quite some time. As we learn to grow our own inner medicine, we find that we are able to make rich, deep meaning of ordinary life.

One of my favorite practices is to visit the garden of my heart. This simple practice is profound in its ability to show what is really going on beneath the noisy surface of daily life. Take a listen to the guided meditation below, and find out for yourself the powerful medicine you carry.

Let’s Begin, Shall We?

I never cease to be amazed at what can happen when my clients and students begin to see their healing as a journey of transformation, empowerment and connection rather than just a series of interventions and escape routes.

I continue to be inspired as I lean in to listen to the voice of spirit in windsong, in the rush of river waters, through the imagery of my dreams and the portals of my altars. Each day my heart is fed and affirmed in its knowing that we did not come here to live a life of suffering or simply getting through the day. Magical things can and do happen when we begin to orient around the natural cycles of Earth and when we begin to truly value the Divine Feminine within and without.

In service to the non-conforming wisdom and limitless beauty in you,


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